Trump Got Shoot Down

Yesterday night I saw a dream. In which i was doing shopping in store. Trump was searching something to buy. Suddenly some terrorist came in to the mall and opened the fire.  They shoot down the trump. As I saw this suddenly my eyes got opened with fear.

I live another country but it looks like the original. To be very true I don’t want to see this time. 🙁


Captain America 3: Civil War – Review

Captain America 3

Plot of the Movie:

After a deadly and explosive incident occurred during an Avengers mission in Lagos, political pressure rises and the world leaders are forced to tell the Avengers that certain checks and balances must be imposed on them and that they should be answerable to the UN for all their actions. Tony Stark (Iron Man) supports this initiative whereas Steve Rogers (Captain America) believes in operating freely without any interventions from the governments. As the tension mounts between the two and turns into an all-out brawl (especially with the reappearance of the Winter Soldier), the rest of the Avengers are left with no choice but to pick a side and resolve this conflict once and for all. Continue reading

A Quick Guide To The Music Of Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin MusicElectronic musician Richard D. James, who has been called one of the most influential and important artists in his genre, recently released the first Aphex Twin album in thirteen years. For those interested in looking into his previous work, here is a list of his most significant releases, hopefully serving as a kind of Rosetta Stone to his complex, varies and voluminous output.

Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992)

The first album by Richard D James was immediately met with wide acclaim. Though the title mentions the ambient genre, the music is more percussion heavy than conventional ambient works (Brian Eno, Lustmord, et al), and tracks like Green Calx are quite abrasive. Though it doesn’t strictly conform to the usual standards of ambient music, many of the tracks are relaxing all the same, relying on repetitive phases consisting of Aphex Twin’s usual seasick melodies. The opening track of the album, Xtal, remains one of his most popular songs. Continue reading

10 Child Actors Who Grew Up to Be Even More Successful

child-actorsIn the acting world, securing a job as a child is not necessarily a good thing. Child actors are prone to being typecast in certain roles. Breaking away from that niche is not easy, especially when transitioning into adulthood, and the odds of continuing success are not great. However, these 10 child actors beat the odds and moved on to have even more success as adults. Continue reading

Review: Batman Vs Superman – Dawn of Justice

Plot of the Movie:

Batman Vs SupermanIts been nearly 2 years since Metropolis got partially destroyed by the hands of the Kryptonians especially Kal-El (a.k.a. Superman / Clark Kent) and General Zod and the world is now considering the pros and cons of having such a Godlike entity around. Besides the Senate committee (that is trying to investigate Superman’s exploits and hold him accountable for all the damages he has done), the caped crusader from Gotham city called Batman also keeps a close watch on Superman with a mission of putting him out permanently before the ‘alien’ decides to turn against the humanity and destroy the world. Continue reading

6 Little-Known, Quirky Television Reality Shows: Views From a Sick-Bed


How can it be possible to have access to more than 300 television channels, and not be able to find a single interesting show to watch? Unfortunately, as many people have discovered, it’s entirely possible. Banal plots, derivative premises and moronic writing abound, making good television a rare commodity in all the flavors of programming – comedies, dramas and reality shows – and leaving many viewers lunging for something, anything, to watch. But even fishing shows, curling tournaments (don’t sneer – those guys are pretty darn intense) and travelogues that apparently exist for the sole purpose of showing the host eating bugs and monkey brains begin to pall after a while. Continue reading